Hemisphere Initiatives has published the following reports. The most recent are linked to PDF versions on this website. In addition, four reports published between 1995 and 1998 are linked to HTML versions. To obtain hard copies of reports not available on this site, please contact Hemisphere Initiatives c/o Jack Spence, jack.spence@umb.edu or jackspence@terra.com.br

Establishing the Ground Rules: A Report on the Nicaraguan Electoral Process, Jack Spence, George Vickers, Ralph Fine and David Krusé, August, 1989.

Nicaragua's Elections: A Step Towards Democracy?, Ralph Fine, Jack Spence, George Vickers and David Krusé, January 1990.

Endgame: A Progress Report on Implementation of the Salvadoran Peace Accords, George Vickers and Jack Spence with David Holiday, Margaret Popkin and Philip Williams, December 3, 1992, 16,500 words.

Justice Impugned: The Salvadoran Peace Accords and the Problem of Impunity, Margaret Popkin with Vickers and Spence, June 1993, 11,000 words.

The Voter Registration Tangle, Madalene O'Donnell with Vickers and Spence, July 1993, 11,000 words.

Risking Failure: The Problems and Promise of the New Civilian Police in El Salvador, Bill Stanley with Vickers and Spence, September 1993, 15,000 words.

Voter Registration and the Tasks Ahead, Madalene O'Donnell with Vickers and Spence, November 1993, 11,000 words.

Toward a Level Playing Field?: A Report on the Post-War Salvadoran Electoral Process, Jack Spence and George Vickers, January 1994, 15,000 words.

Election Update: Campaign Finance and Media Costs, Jack Spence and Ken Ward, March 1994.

A Negotiated Revolution? A Two Year Progress Report on the Salvadoran Peace Accords, Jack Spence and George Vickers with Margaret Popkin, Philip Williams and Kevin Murray, March 1994, 24,000 words.

Rescuing Reconstruction: The Debate on Post-War Economic Recovery in El Salvador, Kevin Murray, with Ellen Coletti, and Jack Spence, and Cynthia Curtis, Garth David Cheff, René Ramos, José Chacón, Mary Thompson, May 1994, 35,000 words.
Este documento en Español: Rescatando la Reconstrucción: El Debate sobre la Recuperación Económica de la Posguerra en El Salvador

El Salvador's Elections of the Century: Results, Recommendations, Analysis, Jack Spence, David Dye, and George Vickers with Garth David Cheff, Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis and Ken Ward, July 1994, 25,000 words.

Justice Delayed: The Slow Pace of Judicial Reform in El Salvador, Margaret Popkin with Jack Spence and George Vickers, December 1994, 12,000 words.

The Salvadoran Peace Accords and Democratization: A Three Year Progress Report and Recommendations, Jack Spence, George Vickers and David Dye, March 1995, 25,000 words.

Contesting Everything, Winning Nothing: The Search for Consensus in Nicaragua, 1990-1995, David R. Dye. Judy Butler, Deena Abu-Lughod, Jack Spence, with George Vickers, November 1995, 24,000 words.

Democracy and Its Discontents, Judy Butler, David R. Dye, and Jack Spence with George Vickers, October 1996, 24,000 words.

Chapultepec Five Years Later: El Salvador's Political Reality and Uncertain Future, Jack Spence, David R. Dye, Mike Lanchin, and Geoff Thale, with George Vickers, January 1997, 28,000 words.

Democracy Weakened: A Report on the October 20, 1996 Nicaraguan Elections, Jack Spence, November 1997, 15,000 words. A co-production of Hemisphere Initiatives and the Washington Office on Latin America.

Promise and Reality: Implementation of the Guatemalan Peace Accords, Jack Spence, David R. Dye, Paula Worby, Carmen Rosa de Leon-Escribano, George Vickers, and Mike Lanchin, August 1998, 37,000 words.

Patchwork Democracy: Nicaraguan Politics Ten Years After the Fall, David R. Dye with Jack Spence and George Vickers, December 2000, 28,000 words.

From Elections to Earthquakes: Reform and Participation in Post-War El Salvador, Jack Spence, Mike Lanchin and Geoff Thale. April 2001, 20,000 words.

Deciphering Honduras: Four Views of Post-Mitch Political Reality Manuel Torres Calderón, Thelma Mejia, Dan Alder and Paul Jeffrey. September 2002, 33,000 words.

Who Governs?: Guatemala Five Years After the Peace Accords, Rachel Sieder, Megan Thomas, George Vickers and Jack Spence, January 2002, 32,000 words.

Quién Gobierna? Guatemala Cinco Años Después de los Acuerdos de Paz, Rachel Sieder, Megan Thomas, George Vickers and Jack Spence, Enero 2002, 32,000 palabras.

War and Peace in Central America: Comparing Transitions Toward Democracy and Social Equality in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, Jack Spence, November 2004, 50,000 words.

Click here for a November 2004 analysis of Nicaraugua by David Dye.

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